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At the River’s Edge, Downstream in Life

Moving water is hypnotic. Portland is near the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers. The inviting quality of the river has captured my attention and beckoned me to ponder its flow.

Portland in June has brought me to the edge of the river and slowed my pace. The tranquility of watching the river go by is indeed hypnotic, filling my mind with imagination and wonder.

Rivers, you see, have a multitude of beginnings. There is no single source to them. Like us, me, there are many upstream tributaries converging to form what seems to be one unified statement…the river.

We are like rivers and the upstream of our life has its own Mount Hood. Our place, today’s place, is a combination of the tributaries of life whose origin is somewhere up stream. As unique individuals we are comprised of multiple tributaries, not one of them the sum total of who we are, what we can and will become as the river of our life is formed.

The river lures us because we are so very deeply similar to it in that we have our sources, the times, places, events, personalities and the millions of other things that make us uniquely adequate.

As I sit on the river’s edge in Portland, I realize how amazingly unique my life is, what it is, where it came from and the myriad of special facts that have created its flow, bringing me to this very point in time. By now, I am considerably downstream of my life’s Mount Hood and the small waterways of experience that have come together to make me what I am, now, here at the river’s edge.

From now on I will contemplate the sensations I am engulfed with at the river’s edge and will constantly try to recall this moment by reminding myself that the stuff of life is so very meaningful. You, me, all of us come from many places and the events of our existence are myriad. Our personal rivers, once the small running waters from higher ground have now brought us to this place at the river’s edge.

When we encounter someone, whether for business or as a result of a chance meeting, we combine in the moment to form a new river that is moving forward toward some final destination that will be greater than the sum total of the parts. Knowing this makes life grand and the God of creation brings us to the river’s edge to remind us of the many amazing parts of life that combine to create our flowing rivers.

On the river’s edge…in Portland.

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