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God Awful Hot…and the Wind is Blowing

Palm Springs (“PS”) has been a watering hole for me over the years. There are a lot of palms…but, I haven’t found the springs yet. PS is the landing pad in route to the cool, temperate atmosphere of Santa Barbara…now that’s a city.

My reference to Palm Springs as “PS” has meaning…it is truly a post script to whatever my travels have in store. As usual, I am hammering on the keyboard, posting from the hotel room, anticipating the drive to Santa Barbara.

It’s God awful hot in PS and on top of it all, the wind is blowing. The truth is, I have no real love or even casual affection for PS, it’s just a stepping-stone for me…it’s a place that takes me to another place…that’s all it is.

In business, there are many stop-over, holes-in-the-wall and forks in the proverbial road. I’ve learned over time and with some experience to embrace these locations (for lack of a better word) for what they are; launching pads.

Fortunately, I know a lot of business people. Most of them are running small or medium businesses. The trick is to insure that the business itself, together with your objectives does not get stuck in PS, where it is God awful hot and the wind is blowing.

Want some help…okay, I happen to be in a helping kind of mood. We can talk…I can help you reach more people if you reach me.

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