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Gotta Itch that Can’t be Scratched

Sometimes I look at a situation and get that funny gut-level feeling that I’m helpless.

With time and some maturity I’ve started to accept my lack of power over issues, big and small. In fact, there’s little, in the end, that you or I can actually control.

Recently, I have discovered there are some itches I can’t scratch. Have you ever had an itch that drove you nuts because you couldn’t reach the spot to scratch it? I have, more lately than in the past.

Maybe it’s age. Maybe it’s growing intelligence (we can probably rule that out!). Actually, it’s a place, a place where one starts admitting that scratching every itch is not possible.

Now that I am down the long road a bit further, I can confess my itches have mostly to do with what other people say, think or do. Okay, let me say it, “PEOPLE MAKE ME ITCH IN PLACES I CAN’T SCRATCH.”

Let me give you some good news about having itches you can’t scratch…it means someone else has to do the scratchin’. Worse, it means I have to ask for scratchin’ and that’s a good thing, although asking for a scratch can indicate vulnerability, weakness and even helplessness.

Asking for help is asking for an itch that I can’t scratch to be scratch by someone who can get to the location of the itch.

Needing others can be a test of one’s self-worth. Wanting others is the proof of self-worth.

Am I making sense? If you are annoyed by this blog post, go get a good scratchin’ from someone and start by asking yourself why you have an itch that you think can’t be scratched.

You know, every itch can be scratch, but they can’t all be scratched by me.

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