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Hating Politics but Addressing the Unavoidable

You know the routine and the statement. We don’t talk about politics or religion.

Most of us hate politics. Well, not actually politics but rather, the people running the show and the seemingly inane manner in which they do so.

Now I find myself incapable of ignoring politics and its in-your-face, chop slapping reality. I am simply fed up with being whacked up side the head with the resultant consequences of decision being made for me, but not by me. In other words, someone who wiggle their way into the organizational flow chart is calling the shots about what I can and can’t, should or shouldn’t do, say, think, own, write, see or otherwise engage in.

At this point I have decided to begin to address the unavoidable collision my life is having with politics. Yes, I am a child of the 60s and at one point really did want to drop out! There’s no dropping out and I don’t do drugs, so escaping via some tripped out stupor is not an option.

After thinking hard on this topic I have concluded it’s not politics I hate. It is the disruption of life brought upon me by the decisions made by people who do not know me, care about me or understand that I am fully capable of running my own show…at least for now. There is something a bit maddening about people living in a bubble called Washington, DC dictating life to me.

Solution? Take a look. iVoteAmerica.

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