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Turning Corners, Sharply but Slowly

It can be a bit frightening when we make the decision to turn a corner. Apprehension can dictate our resolve and stifle our creativity, leaving us captive to the elements.

For me, turning corners has always been another part of the personal story and the dark shadows of the alley lend a special kind of intrigue that simply motivates me to find my way through the momentary darkness to new experiences.

This website is a simple treatise that lays out what I do, my interests and the business endeavors in which I am currently involved. Hmmm…website development, real estate (the staple) and of course some creative writing about political issues, of course!

In many ways, this is just another corner turned and having you along for part of the adventure will stir the pot, making the mix more inviting and hopefully, more meaningful.

Turn the corner…reach me.

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