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My Story

Donald TeelAfter spending nearly three decades in the business world, I am now turning some sharp new corners allowing me to consolidate much of what I have learned about commercial real estate, business design, web development and financial excellence into practical solutions.

Yes, I could detail for you a lengthy biography about my years as a successful real estate professional…but, I won’t bore you!

Instead, let’s talk about what I have been allowed to create and share with you that can take you down your personal and professional road a bit further. Life is less complicated now, allowing me to focus on a less demanding regimine…as in, fun stuff. Oh, yes, by all means, there is still the ever present call to excellence and a demand (self-imposed, mostly) for true solutions.

  1. It’s a simple plan, I develop and deploy websites and blogs for people and businesses;
  2. My unique niche is community-based blogs that provide my customers with networking opportunities;
  3. The product offering includes real estate, politics, community blogs and of course individual and company websites;

What makes my solutions exceptional is that upside opportunity I deliver to those you want the advantages of building a website or blog that is part of a larger network offering collaboration and financial upside. For example, consider the following opportunities I can deliver to you:

  • Operating your own city blog known as;
  • Creating a real estate services presence for someone through;
  • Championing political change by operating;

In each of these examples, I offer my affiliates the chance to build their own voice, a revenue stream and to communicate a message around concepts and information they control.

Or, it may be that you simply need a personal website, blog or business website. Viola! Simply let me know and we will converse with a the goal in mind of providing you with what you need and want.

Hop over to the Reach Me page and let me know what’s rattling around in your head.