If You Really Must Know

At this Very Moment?

Here is what I am doing AT THIS VERY MOMENT:

  1. Resurrecting a dormant WordPress Political Network called iVoteAmerica
  2. Preparing to dial-up a Network of Community-Based Sites called e-Partner
  3. Setting my sites on helping a few people and companies with their WP issues
  4. CityBlogUSA is another one of my networks…it too needs a good spit shine!

iva_flag_logo-web.fwWith everything going on around me, you and all of us, I have an itch to go political. In short, I’m not happy with the direction America is going. In fact, up until recently I have been quite pleased with the culture, mood, climate and opportunities afforded me.

On top of all of this, I have spent three decades building a career in real estate and I have some commercial clients I am tending to. So, there you have it, AT THIS VERY MOMENT!

Let me know your thinking.

As Far as You are Concerned

I Have Three Main Things

Someone once said, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing!” The statement is not only true, it’s one of life’s great struggles.

Here is list of my Three Main Things and wrapped up what I can do for you if you hire me:

  1. Build you or your company an amazing WordPress website!
  2. Consider you as an Affiliate in one of my many networks!
  3. Assist you with a Commercial Real Estate need!

These are my “3 Main Things” at this point in time. It goes without saying that I am pretty good at all three of these.

Take the next step forward.

Donald Teel

Get to Know Me

Who Am I, Anyway, and What Do I Want?

Right off, you need to know that I build and market unique website development projects. Yes, I also build typical WordPress sites for people and businesses.

However my jag (or, jig..or, gig) is networks of WP sites, delivered to people who want to do more with their time than post blogs no one, well, almost no one, reads. My networks provide upside to my friends and affiliates…but, that’s only one unique element. I think it’s safe to say that I am probably the only person who has ever owned and operated more than 25,000 blogs at one time.

Who am I? I’m Donald Teel. What do I want? Some of your time and consideration…enough of it to explore my offerings to see what’s in it for you! Here is more of my story.

Coming Down Soon!

Keep hanging with me and you will see the roll out of some incredibly powerful online networks!

Do you have a question?